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This dataverse contains datasets produced by UNIROMA in the WP3 of the H2020 NOAW project.
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image/jpeg - 79.1 KB - MD5: f65c05ea91c8a14beb15185f1d7f5e6c
Figure 10 – Mass balance of the two-stage anaerobic system and solid/liquid separation unit
image/jpeg - 131.4 KB - MD5: f0d07ddc115431de0a1cbb82e200e927
Figure 11 – Grinding pump serving the storage tank
image/jpeg - 84.2 KB - MD5: 2e1992693b51e8f1698ecdeb24f11979
Figure 12 – Modified charging point of the fermentation unit
image/jpeg - 77.0 KB - MD5: 41b184f4fe3e126535e95639dabf16e3
Figure 13 – New piping set up for biomass selection/accumulation cycle
image/jpeg - 69.2 KB - MD5: 104141e762d238ff48278f2038c265d3
Figure 14 –Draining pump and external piping for washout discharge
image/jpeg - 99.0 KB - MD5: 3f88756a7cf1a5afe31629316c8a10a8
Figure 15 – Synoptic view of the Automatic Software
image/jpeg - 73.4 KB - MD5: 48b184a80544aef7625ef27ba1214ced
Figure 16 – Control values and levels of the reactor
image/jpeg - 82.1 KB - MD5: 04a5dcf417b1b3261e990ecc0002355b
Figure 17 – JUCLAS SMART LEES LAB machinery with a rotating ceramic membrane
image/jpeg - 64.5 KB - MD5: 0566cdf6eb9b37299535039259b0c75c
Figure 1 – Integrated platform for PHA production from organic agro- waste
image/jpeg - 80.3 KB - MD5: ae4b1fb1298d0b81c4fcb4c0d7456336
Figure 2 – Synopsis of the pilot scale platform
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