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Jan 22, 2021
Mallet, Alexandre; Pérémé, Margaud; Charnier, Cyrille; Roger, Jean-Michel; Steyer, Jean-Philippe; Latrille, Eric; Bendoula, Ryad, 2021, "On-site substrate characterization in the anaerobic digestion context: a dataset of near infrared spectra acquired with four different optical systems on freeze-dried and ground organic wastes",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
The near infrared spectra of thirty-three freeze-dried and ground organic waste samples of various biochemical composition were collected on four optical systems, including a laboratory spectrometer (Buchi FT-NIR NirFlex N-500), a transportable spectrometer (ARCoptix FT-NIR Rocke...
text/x-python - 6.3 KB - MD5: cf9e5db2f45fe9b354906026a4af2d7f
A python script to read the dataset elements, and show the training (via cross-validation) of a PLS-R to predict the biochemical characteristics.
text/tsv - 1.6 MB - MD5: 71a80d89981e88c7df9176b4605882eb
Reflectance spectra (in nm) from the polarized system PoLis : total back-scattered signal (Rbs)
text/tsv - 1.6 MB - MD5: d76cdb2d9a8ddf10c73522d02a6a59ac
Reflectance spectra (in nm) from the polarized system PoLis : multi-scattered signal (Rms)
text/tsv - 1.7 MB - MD5: 7fd6661d1925bac5d1283598c0f25b7b
Reflectance spectra (in nm) from the polarized system PoLis : single-scattered signal (Rss)
text/markdown - 682 B - MD5: bc5ee39db53a9c990bf8f33a8c3d2dcd
Documentation on how to use the python script '' with system requirements.
text/tsv - 1.5 KB - MD5: 185d70d0f1aca10dfe7a2088c391d928
Reference data : biochemical characteristics for all substrates (chemical oxygen demand, biochemical methane potential, carbohydrates, lipids, nitrogen content)
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