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Dataverse dédié aux données acquises dans le cadre de dispositifs où certains facteurs sont contrôlés ou manipulés (phénotypage, essais agronomiques...), données acquises en milieu naturel ou sur des objets non manipulés (flux au-dessus d’un couvert forestier, variations de potentiel hydrique des plantes...) ou données produites par des expériences de calcul numérique mobilisant un ensemble organisé d’algorithmes et équations.

Dataverse dedicated to data acquired with some factors being controlled or manipulated (phenotyping, agronomic trials...), data acquired in natural environment or on non-manipulated objects (fluxes over a forest canopy, variations of plant water potential...) or data produced by numerical computation experiments using an organized set of algorithms and equations.

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application/x-netcdf - 171.6 KB - MD5: 763e81801cc7c16632b7a08b92e0b8a9
Water temperature and orthophosphorus concentration from Lake Geneva over the 1974-2004 period.
application/x-netcdf - 38.1 KB - MD5: fd0deb2a51761039fb09bfeb54d31b3c
Zooplankton biovolume from Lake Geneva over the 1974-2004 period.
application/rdf+xml - 21.7 KB - MD5: 1eea634c1c33575cd112a8457051eb7c
GeoDCAT metadata of the zooplankton biovolume, water temperature and orthoP concentration data set from Lake Geneva over the 1974-2004 period
application/pdf - 331.2 KB - MD5: 47ec92337df7703101706441baa87507
Protocol for counting zooplankton taxa in the framework of lake monitoring
application/zip - 8.7 GB - MD5: b228b0b598b0140ef03fabbfc3da23f7
application/zip - 3.3 GB - MD5: 60b194b2560538b07ded5429ada89a8d
application/zip - 10.4 GB - MD5: 80a62f1cfa79aff2a2a2ef0f51479b21
application/zip - 10.4 GB - MD5: 86e48fc985b5e4d020dc8c8c1d431279
application/zip - 12.7 GB - MD5: 26934345bfc2080a35262b95990470ab
application/zip - 12.7 GB - MD5: d16354a730848896e51d5d72899d8b37
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