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text/xml - 30.9 KB - MD5: 8038df60c8e2e4c290d0438f391f4c86
text/xml - 38.0 KB - MD5: 18991a211b9324944d9a176e57ca082d
Shapefile as ZIP Archive - 24.2 KB - MD5: d77787a40cc533813d82f94b9392ce63
Nov 20, 2020 - Dynafor dataverse
Rivers-Moore, Justine, 2020, "Wild bees of wooded and herbaceous semi-natural habitats",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
The aim was to assess the difference in bee communities in three types of wooded and herbaceous habitats (permanent grassland,hedgerow and forest edge). The bees were netted in each of these habitats,in 30 landscapes selected according to a gradient of % of woodland. Wild bees we...
text/xml - 30.9 KB - MD5: e35af1078f160c811eb1ce077d10dcad
text/xml - 38.9 KB - MD5: 9f60e023ae09c79b7cca03c94ce69602
Shapefile as ZIP Archive - 24.2 KB - MD5: b9513b1a38e4ee6647c1ff4aec5e9f9b
Shapefile as ZIP Archive - 24.2 KB - MD5: ac9082405fa6a13220eeb689033c51b5
Nov 17, 2020 - UMR ECOBIOP 1224 INRAE/UPPA Dataverse
Labonne, Jacques; Manicki, Aurélie; Tétillon, Marin, 2020, "Microsatellite typing data for Labonne et al. 2020 - Genes special issue",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
These data files provide the genotypes for 15 mincrosatellite markers in two populations using the NewHybrids format file.
text/plain - 103.6 KB - MD5: 8e44a8ead07fd3aa77682d741a9422ba
Microsatellite genotypes for Claree population in NewHybrid format.
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