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Grapevine Downy Mildew Genomics Dataverse (INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique)
This dataverse includes data generated for the grapevine downy mildew genome project.
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application/gzip - 21.7 KB - MD5: a2f7c9fd5e8fa71cb8447e0a32eb9e0e
Information about candidate genes found in the genomic region associated with the mating type phenotype. Includes protein sequences, genomic coordinates & functional annotation.
application/gzip - 67.4 MB - MD5: b262cfffc8f4a3c76a062d39948e3823
Data files for the de novo SNP calling analysis with discoSNP. Includes VCF files, results of association analyses and re-assembly of the mating type region.
application/gzip - 1.1 GB - MD5: 45ad15ee3eea7bd8afed50e444c08102
Data files for the genotyping of the 54 individuals (reference-based SNP calling) used in the paper. Includes VCF file, results of the association analysis, and read coverage along the genome.
application/gzip - 11.9 KB - MD5: b09780cb11e46844ac07dd0bcb852a89
Data files for the new contig originating from re-assembly of the mating type region. Includes sequence file, gene & repeat annotations, and functional annotation.
application/gzip - 17.0 KB - MD5: 17b174ac1dcf9a2831e67beecd69bb5e
Complete sequence and gene/rRNA/tRNA annotation for the mitochondrion of Plasmopara viticola. NOT described in the MBE paper.
application/gzip - 2.9 MB - MD5: cb199caea7d2d81913a2dcb1b77ce4b6
Gene annotation in gff3 format.
application/gzip - 5.2 MB - MD5: c1db669880661428044727a71a7a1052
Fasta file with protein sequences from the gene annotation.
application/gzip - 393.9 MB - MD5: 3dd94b7d922517222a799bde3a86ff62
Scripts used for the removal of redundant scaffolds and for sequence polishing during the genome assembly.
application/gzip - 923.9 KB - MD5: d1e73340a292a37b111d01bf69931b0c
Includes full results of the branch-site test for Plasmopara viticola and muralis, full tables of the GO enrichment analyses for significant genes, and orthology analysis carried out for the six species included in the branch-site test.
application/gzip - 86.9 MB - MD5: 614a6b5143c4b144299508395b085d7d
Comparative genomics analyses. Includes output of OrthoFinder for the 21 oomycete proteomes, list and ortholog groups for lineage-specific genes, ortholog groups absent from biotrophs and GO enrichment analysis for these groups, SynMap outputs for the synteny analysis between Pl....
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