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application/pdf - 129.7 KB - MD5: 6205e869a890b8ee40fecea9968cd526
Plan de gestion de données de l'UMR BIOGECO
text/tab-separated-values - 120.7 KB - MD5: c74fd94b223cf38a9c4edd442fa2687c
List of 343 tested SNPs, 237 validated ones and final selection of 79 SNPs for species or cultivar identification.
text/tab-separated-values - 14.4 KB - MD5: 03b8874e436aadbfb6a9573337d72344
Information about the 79 SNPs from the two final multiplexes for the MassARRAY platform.
text/plain - 25.7 KB - MD5: 6d28feda305c8dbf813f433d87a15a3b
Input file for Structure software: 91 unique genotypes of the INRAE chestnut germplasm collection characterized with 68 SNPs.
text/plain - 66.6 KB - MD5: f7924d148af3e16bb91c411fb4efc62f
Input file for Structure software: 91 unique genotypes of the INRAE chestnut germplasm collection characterized with 94 SSRs
text/tab-separated-values - 7.0 KB - MD5: d0448cdd8a2c9ac108d5ae8e2458d8ad
Results from the multilocus genetic structure analysis using GENETHAPLO ( Individual assignment to a MLG group
application/octet-stream - 37.3 KB - MD5: a7edffc4847a631bbcfd09b33af933b3
R script used for the analyses of flowering time and genetic structure in "Evolution of flowering time in a selfing annual plant: Roles of adaptation and genetic drift"
text/tab-separated-values - 19.9 KB - MD5: 6a9644ffb34ba833ef9ffee07176f554
DonnéesEventTime Series
text/tab-separated-values - 18.7 KB - MD5: 8131c30f324577c7d1d64ec9ad42a302
DonnéesEventTime Series
text/tab-separated-values - 18.6 KB - MD5: 36d5c3d9e6550947767c66150c7e9e88
DonnéesEventTime Series
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