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application/vnd.americandynamics.acc - 37.7 KB - MD5: 05584d795f41f6e26c142c6e87d3a9ed
Proteins with SP, noTM and a MERCI effector motif
application/octet-stream - 23.8 KB - MD5: 5cc515a0d4808f8d2956f4322f6b528a
Type of motifs and positions in the 100 first amino acids of M. incognita proteins
text/plain - 222.9 KB - MD5: 7b410003d20dd43fde590e742dd6c5a6
Accession numbers of M. incognita singletons and proteins in PPN-specific orthogroups
application/ - 12.2 MB - MD5: 4e4d43f862a12392320c6088dc093fd3
Alienness results in tabular format with Alien index and HGT index scores as well as taxonomic information on the possible donors and contaminants
application/zip - 38.4 MB - MD5: fec6d89547d8ce696052c19bfbf99ce0
Browsable html summary of the Alienness results with links to individual diamond results and taxonomic information
text/tab-separated-values - 197.2 KB - MD5: 648b8aade271b14125975b9f78709bd2
Summary of HGT candidates and functional annotation. Sheet1: Possible HGT (AI>0). Sheet2: Likely HGT (AI>14). For these, AI and HGT scores are given as well as representative Interpro domain, orthogroup and whether this is a previously reported HGT case. Sheet3: Known HGT in root...
Adobe PDF - 311.9 KB - MD5: 7fe4aeb1a658f5667d2f23772b8a050e
Detailed Material and Method used in the manuscript Cornu et al. 2020 for Metabolomic analyses by proton NMR profiling of sunflower xylem sap.
Plain Text - 1.4 KB - MD5: 751ecfddcb0066b0e6e2ef064d1987cc
File with the name of the samples and factors (Cultivar; Cadmium concentration), to be used with NMRProcFlow tool
Adobe PDF - 1.1 MB - MD5: 90f752b0403ac818538cefd4d84b1902
<i>1</i>H-NMR Annotated spectra and Table of chemical shifts used for identification and quantification of metabolites in <i>1</i>H-NMR spectra of sunflower xylem extracts.
ZIP Archive - 2.8 MB - MD5: 45c7793d0aecb628fae294497e32c813
NMRProcFlow workBook file (Calibration Samples, Buckets, Data, Calibration factor determination) and NMR Bruker files used for calibration factor determination of fructose
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