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May 7, 2021 - Thesis_Monteiro
Dourmad, Jean-Yves, 2021, "Article Data - Environmental impacts and their association with performance and excretion traits in growing pigs – in Frontier in Veterinary Science, 2021",, Portail Data INRAE, V1, UNF:6:MabeHjDQT/RkvWl6dZebWw== [fileUNF]
This dataset provides the data used in the article by A.N.T.R. Monteiro, L. Brossard, H. Gilbert, J.Y. Dourmad, in Frontiers of Veterinary Sciences (2021), entitled "Environmental impacts and their association with performance and excretion traits in growing pigs ". These data we...
Feb 16, 2021 - Emigraze
Ferreira, Manon; Delagarde, Rémy; Edouard, Nadège, 2021, "CowNflow: A dataset on nitrogen flows and balances in dairy cows fed maize forage or herbage-based diets",, Portail Data INRAE, V1, UNF:6:kHarSm4/AmHTMw/aiwYP/A== [fileUNF]
Diet and animal characteristics have a significant impact on the nitrogen (N)-use efficiency by dairy cows. A dataset was built that compiles 28 N-balance experiments with Holstein dairy cows from 1983-2019, corresponding to 414 individual N flows, on a wide range of diets and an...
Feb 10, 2021 - MFGsize
Hurtaud, Catherine, 2021, "Data article Hurtaud et al, JDS Communications 2020,1:50–54",, Portail Data INRAE, V1, UNF:6:7gAJ4upabUXmoLTvo1DI/A== [fileUNF]
Data used for the article "Evolution of milk composition, milk fat globule size, and free fatty acids during milking of dairy cows", JDS Communications 2020, 1: 50-54
Mar 26, 2021 - E789
Le Floc'h-Burban, Nathalie, 2021, "Data for BMC Vet Research",, Portail Data INRAE, V1, UNF:6:0oaKWyhTO9SOU8aL6BCTlA== [fileUNF]
Data used for the publication BVET-D-20-01007R2 Identification of blood immune and metabolic indicators explaining the variability of growth of pigs under contrasted sanitary conditions Nathalie Le Floc'h, Ph D; Florence Gondret; Rémi Resmond
Feb 10, 2021 - Duck Liver RNA Sequencing
Diot, Christian, 2021, "Duck Liver RNA Sequencing",, Portail Data INRAE, V1, UNF:6:cjneXSKemM/08MgBS5Rvhw== [fileUNF]
Liver RNA-seqencing of common Pekin, Muscovy, mule and hinny ducks fed ad libitum or overfed
Duck Liver RNA Sequencing (INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique)
Feb 10, 2021
E789(INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique)
May 25, 2020WP3
ECOAE(INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique)
Apr 13, 2021
Mar 31, 2020 - Simulations 1348
Davoudkhani, Mohsen, 2020, "Economic optimization of feeding and shipping strategies in pig-fattening using an individual-based model",, Portail Data INRAE, V1, UNF:6:u2o02jBTENzyl0tn758TJg== [fileUNF]
Economic results of pig-fattening systems vary greatly and depend in part on prices of pork and feeds, as well as pig growth performance (e.g. slaughter weight, lean percentage). Previous studies revealed that feeding and shipping strategies are critical factors in the economic o...
Emigraze(INRAE - Institut national de recherche pour l’agriculture, l’alimentation et l’environnement)
Feb 16, 2021
Efficiency, nitrogen, grazing, dairy cows, N flows
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