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Fruit tree phenology (INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique)
Fruit tree phenology

Ce Dataverse réunit les données phénologiques de plusieurs espèces fruitières présentes à l'Unité Expérimentale Arboricole.

This Dataverse gather phenological data of several fruit species present at the Arboricultural Experimental Facility.

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Sep 4, 2020
Alletru, David; Gazel, François; Corradi, Michel; Greil, Marie-Laure; Delmas, Marine, 2020, "Phenological data of 26 varietes of cherry, apricot, peach and apple trees since 2016 in a French orchad of Toulenne, Gironde, France",, Portail Data INRAE, V1, UNF:6:yOKlVPSTtymnP7Vhz1SYvA== [fileUNF]
This dataset contain phenological observations and growth data of 7 cherry, apricot and apple trees varietes and 5 peach trees varietes evaluated since 2016. These data come from observations perform since 2016 on "Les Jarres" estate belonging to the Arboricultural Experimental f...
text/tab-separated-values - 11.6 KB - MD5: dd22be218d05c3898de18f6657276465
Phenological data of 7 apple tree varieties since 2016.
text/tab-separated-values - 11.8 KB - MD5: 7702b11e6fa5cb309ce00b0f24482596
Phenological data of 7 apricot tree varieties since 2016.
text/tab-separated-values - 11.2 KB - MD5: 2605603b267f902dbc54297578676375
Phenological data of 7 cherry tree varieties since 2016.
text/tab-separated-values - 92.3 KB - MD5: 3e48d632aeddbc8329946ede9bd9dc3f
Diameter of all trees for all species since 2017.
application/pdf - 387.3 KB - MD5: e70e3efc92ff7f29fc7cb6395a1db1d6
Method and device used to measure the diameter.
text/tab-separated-values - 8.8 KB - MD5: 34b9f99d02ada4b7047788b8d137d389
Phenological data of 5 peach tree varieties since 2016.
application/pdf - 3.9 MB - MD5: fc92b074aeac1caeb6baf2bdb0c9a436
Photo representing the different phenological stages for each species. This file was made by Horticulture Experimental Facility.
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