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text/x-r-markdown - 9.9 KB - MD5: 6ec5d16f6216055c18ca43a139dafdc9
This script creates simulated phenotypic values for two traits for the Syrah x Grenache progeny. It takes as input `SxG.allelic-effects.txt` with additive and dominance allelic effects with 3,961 SNP markers divided in allelic effects. It simulates multivariate phenotypic data (B...
text/x-r-markdown - 17.6 KB - MD5: caf65bf3877929b4db2adeb36d67e4fb
This script takes as input classification results (the table "classification_results_GBS.tsv") and lambda values chosen by cross-validation on simulated data. It links the quality of classification with prediction accuracy or parameter value chosen in cross-validation and generat...
text/tab-separated-values - 67.6 KB - MD5: 5a104479704927a627a186efcb3cd717
Résultats de l'enquête
text/tab-separated-values - 16.3 MB - MD5: 927e85f4a1cabfdb9f97130479a4e409
XIC intensities of proteins in the envelop fraction for 99 patients from the Proteocardis cohort.
text/tab-separated-values - 5.2 MB - MD5: 45840b16f6e101323853780f82ba48f7
The first column contains the sample identification number, and the other columns contain the absorbance data recorded from 802-2502 nm
Jun 23, 2021 - Microprung 16S
application/x-gzip - 3.5 MB - MD5: 85938dd1103b44fd99773c91fd4fc893
text/plain - 516 B - MD5: 478724b5f8b501645cb83c9f87cd3206
The LULC HRM contains 11 land cover categories: 11 Industrial or Commercial buildings and other Facilities 12 Agricultural buildings 13 Low-rise Residential or Mixed buildings 14 High-rise Residential or Mixed buildings 2 Fields 3 Meadows/Grassy plots 4 Bushes/Shrubs 5 Tr...
text/plain - 27.8 KB - MD5: 0b3a180c306ab903fd56e1820ed09c8f
Genpop Angelica microsatellite data for marker development paper Revardel & Lepais 2021 ; pop1 = A. sylvestris Aurice (40) (38 individus) ; pop2 = A. sylvestris Saucats (33) (30 individus) ; pop3 = A. sylvestris Vosges (68) (30 individus) ; pop4 = A. heterocarpa Rézé (44) (40 i...
Jul 8, 2021 - Elasticities_Review
text/tab-separated-values - 2.8 MB - MD5: c877efc808ba98dcdd129136d5e6e1b1
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