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application/gzip - 12.9 MB - MD5: 37142174b2d97ccd6431495db3b645cd
This dataset consists of genotypes of 640 animals for 39921 variants (SNPs). Animals belong to 21 Mediterranean cattle populations. The compressed archive contains two files (in plink format): i) a genotyping data file named "MED_set.ped" (640 rows, 79848 columns) that contains,...
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet - 106.6 KB - MD5: d1fc8b676e7b95d1b73d782abba65483
Feb 3, 2020 - PaSim
application/octet-stream - 6.0 MB - MD5: ec55656ec33aff0784da34d03cfe2d9e
Feb 3, 2020 - PaSim
application/x-msdownload - 4.7 MB - MD5: 90aa609d6c2598ce880666723991c0ac
application/gzip - 89.5 MB - MD5: 738d41004ba939a17ad4cbaec3a5cb8f
Fasta sequence of the 8 pseudomolecules of prunus avium 'Regina' (PAV01_REGINA -> PAV08_REGINA), 19 non placed scaffolds (SCA_XX) and 907 non placed contigs.
application/octet-stream - 71.5 MB - MD5: de302dc30760a82440c46793142ba82d
Preliminary structural annotation of prunus avium 'Regina' genome V1
application/octet-stream - 175.6 MB - MD5: 5133d778ed28b8e24fe806a1f31757eb
application/octet-stream - 316.5 MB - MD5: bf9696f0cbdb663eb04d40a21d8e0ac3
application/octet-stream - 63.0 MB - MD5: c408087914176fdc59b698ff0fe19bd8
application/octet-stream - 90.3 MB - MD5: 65b35ef7da9c2e91eefcedc6cc6d81fa
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