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Sep 7, 2021
Oddou-Muratorio, Sylvie; Gauzere, Julie; Angeli Nicolas; Brahic, Patrice; Brendel, Oliver; De Castro, Marie; Gilg, Olivier; Hossan, Christian; Jean, Frédéric; Lingrand, Matthieu; Pringarbe, Mehdi; Rei, Frank; Roig, Anne; Thevenet, Jean; Turion, Norbert, 2021, "Phenotypic and genotypic data of a European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) progeny trial issued from three plots along an elevation gradient in Mont Ventoux, South-Eastern France",, Portail Data INRAE, V5, UNF:6:sUzc5y/w2eRwFt0O/3KSVw== [fileUNF]
We provide phenotypic and genotypic data for a progeny trial of 5813 European beech seedlings, originating from 60 open-pollinated families collected at three altitudes (1020 m; 1140 m,1340m) on Mont Ventoux (44 ˚ 11’ N; 17 ˚ 5’ E).
Sep 6, 2021 - HYCAR
PELLETIER, ANTOINE, 2021, "A joint database of French catchments and piezometers",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
The database of streamflow and groundwater level data that was used for the following study: Pelletier, Antoine and Andréassian, Vazken, *A surface view on groundwater level information: how are floods and droughts seen by piezometers?*, Environmental Research Letters, 2021, unde...
Sep 6, 2021
Robin, Paul; Akkal-Corfini, Nouraya; Morel, Camille, 2021, "Effect of Three Types of Exogenous Organic Carbon on Soil Organic Matter and Physical Properties of a Sandy Technosol",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
Technosols made by covering agricultural soils with coastal sediments need additional organic matter (OM) to be suitable for agricultural use. Climate change will likely increase the frequency and intensity of droughts in several areas. The choice of the nature and quantity of OM...
Sep 3, 2021
Thevenoux, Romain; Grenier, Eric; Esquibet, Magali; Montarry, Josselin, 2021, "microsatellites Globodera pallida Perou",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
Données de génotypage microsatellites sur populations de Globodera pallida. 86 populations : 84 populations sud Pérou + 2 population sud chili 30 individus par populations 13 locus : Gp106, Gp108, Gp1109, Gp111, Gp112, Gp116, Gp117, Gp118, Gp122, Gp126, Gp135, Gp145, Gr67.
Sep 1, 2021 - Experimental - Observation - Simulation Dataverse
Frkova, Zuzana; Pistocchi, Chiara; Vystavna, Yuliya; Capkova, Katerina; Dolezal, Jiri; Tamburini, Federica, 2021, "Chamser Kangri glacier forefield dataset",, Portail Data INRAE, V2, UNF:6:Saif+BZpuJ4tqM9sC5mYNw== [fileUNF]
This dataset includes analyses from four soil samples collected in 2017 along a chronosequence (0 to 150 years) in the Chamser Kangri glacier forefield. Our samples were collected in the southwestern extension of the Tibetan Plateau on the northern slope of Chamser Kangri peak (6...
CS-Swi logo
Aug 31, 2021Work Package 3
Co-product valorisation to develop alternative F&V cleaning agent - generation of additional added value and enriched value proposition for SMEs
CS-Fra logo
Aug 31, 2021Work Package 3
Production of innovative dairy drinks or desserts based on co-products of the cheese manufacture (mainly whey)
CS-Swe logo
Aug 31, 2021Work Package 3
Establishing a wild berry business to boost local economy and social cohesion in Sweden northern regions
CS-Bel logo
Aug 31, 2021Work Package 3
Innovative packaging machine for small and mid-sized actors
CS-Gre logo
Aug 31, 2021Work Package 3
Traceability and reliable information sharing in local dairy production
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