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text/plain - 516 B - MD5: 478724b5f8b501645cb83c9f87cd3206
The LULC HRM contains 11 land cover categories: 11 Industrial or Commercial buildings and other Facilities 12 Agricultural buildings 13 Low-rise Residential or Mixed buildings 14 High-rise Residential or Mixed buildings 2 Fields 3 Meadows/Grassy plots 4 Bushes/Shrubs 5 Tr...
application/pdf - 1.9 MB - MD5: 19941f82038c893dd18e2fd01862f1fe
ODAM Installation Guide
application/x-tar - 11.8 MB - MD5: 29be35d6f3e994916e09aeb9447851c6
The R code and files to produce an interactive figures under Shiny App, in order to visualize partner availability under various scenarios. The files are all compressed in a single .tar object.
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet - 98.5 KB - MD5: 48abee28fc6b7d21f1183377c5c421f3
text/csv - 1.1 MB - MD5: 3afb24d34652646f5c7a005f3ab62057
New version29 for DataPaper
image/tiff - 27.6 MB - MD5: b52517babe10868dbd40deb3f523b893
Global map of the 1716 occurrence data available in the C. pruni dataset
application/octet-stream - 15.0 KB - MD5: a289e7b2ac27cf677d3bb17c88473a6e
gene analysis workflow used to evaluate genes expression and to find genes potentially involved in the TEs transposition machinery.
text/plain - 7.3 KB - MD5: f32e11c63eafc5d7634c0d7f67002959
List of genes (ID) with both TE-related domains and non-TE related domains. Produced by
text/plain - 31.5 KB - MD5: d6d46ec2de1791978c8f0d6e19161bf3
List of genes with only TE-related domains. Produced by
text/plain - 393.8 KB - MD5: 5e2a585d175d38ca742ee07d9888eab7
List of genes with no TE-related domains. Produced by
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