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application/octet-stream - 116 B - MD5: bc25f82698502aed307a98b15fe1ba9c
application/octet-stream - 182 B - MD5: e46457d19b170aab3a53ecdbfa052d56
application/octet-stream - 35 B - MD5: 2ca9cf7ac8a6893817edec2cefcd7346
text/plain - 18.2 KB - MD5: 38e8020afd80ab5066fa1f70e631b198
Organization of all files, and links about how this data paper was conceived and created. Gnucash files were created during experiments with the fork and later updated with related raw file names. An automated process exported the raw data to Matl...
application/pdf - 1.0 MB - MD5: 1a11142041623c0364c90acae645ae78
This file contains the outline of the files organization and content. It describes the different measurement scales available: Weather and soil water data at daily time step (1). Phenotypic data at the plot level in each experiment (2a) and at the genotypic level in each experime...
image/tiff - 114.8 KB - MD5: 28081ce388d3921c4e1d96b13d368a34
Outline of the files organisation and content
text/tab-separated-values - 687.6 KB - MD5: a949f1add6742328b8448b9fd14842d1
This file contains the environmental characterization of each Location × year combination. Based on the recorded weather, daily environmental variables were calculated. This file contains 30 columns: «year», «Site», «Env»: experiments ID with year of experiment («year»), locatio...
text/plain - 1.1 MB - MD5: 48c4f6c8163a888f36416c749febb2eb
Genetic variants detected in popMtp3331 (10306 dataset)
text/plain - 1.2 MB - MD5: 9a15be6b412cc4ba1ffb51a5b218b09b
Genetic variants detected in popMtp3332 (10306 dataset)
text/plain - 1.0 MB - MD5: 1d2dbef7f9e22963b10e37b54f9c4323
Genetic variants detected in popMtp3333 (10306 dataset)
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