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text/tab-separated-values - 8.7 MB - MD5: 9e902c0a955f1eab70b68f7785e79f93
16S rRNA gene - V4, taxonomy file
text/tab-separated-values - 1.1 MB - MD5: 3c2cd168be55839e011f04cca8f9923b
16S rRNA gene - V5-V6, taxonomy table
text/tab-separated-values - 6.4 MB - MD5: 1c833c9e4eedd89d9d80487cdf840bba
gyrB gene, taxonomy table
text/tab-separated-values - 2.0 MB - MD5: 878f7e02029ee440cd967e0cdd2d64c6
ITS1, taxonomy table
text/tab-separated-values - 220.1 KB - MD5: a978c7c961512d8c9c69aad0cbfbb042
ITS2, taxonomy table
text/plain - 2.8 MB - MD5: 7570f4792227594d0ad92f5460aa1e61
16S rRNA gene - V4, fasta file of Subset 1
application/octet-stream - 590.8 KB - MD5: e60a0905c4f97746054465724cae45bf
16S rRNA gene - V4, fasta file of Subset 1
application/octet-stream - 653.4 KB - MD5: 6a601db184affffbec729d08fcfd581a
16S rRNA gene - V4, unrooted phylogenetic tree based on Subset 1
text/plain - 510.0 KB - MD5: af938fac63a8781409ba0f1029295645
16S rRNA gene - V5-V6, fasta file of the Subset 1
application/octet-stream - 274.9 KB - MD5: 8ea63f88412693657a007c3998184846
16S rRNA gene - V5-V6, rooted phylogenetic tree
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