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application/octet-stream - 261.9 MB - MD5: 73dbcc652a9bc76ca01b895431dc0824
Fraction 3 - replicate A - SDS Band 2 - YEL Medium
text/plain - 48.4 KB - MD5: 8952069dc146d25abf057837a4ac39e2
Measurements and numeric data coming from 177 seedlings of Pinus pinaster (60 variables measured)
application/zip - 2.4 GB - MD5: 2ca307a07baa3c9adc89736d8a14861f
Raw data of MRSI and CEST MRI experiments on the different tomatoes
application/pdf - 63.8 KB - MD5: 73e0dabb3289383dc592c92e4f5cfbf4
Data description (pdf format)
application/ - 35.5 KB - MD5: fc05113d0214b20e03734d02e2a32624
Data description (xls file)
text/tab-separated-values - 776.0 KB - MD5: 3fb9a27cbfa6a343d7c6ede22ca21ff9
application/gzip - 1.4 GB - MD5: ad6462b7da48cb95e81571eb457eb40a
application/gzip - 1.8 GB - MD5: 50c00bdf6f3892cb18516bafeedbee99
application/gzip - 1.3 GB - MD5: 4d13603ac768e38e448dc69730a1b278
application/gzip - 1.8 GB - MD5: a42543630e63efd7b1e25219584ca0ec
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