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Jan 8, 2019 - Experimental - Observation - Simulation Dataverse
Jullien, Margaux; Navascués, Miguel; Ronfort, Joëlle; Gay, Laurène, 2019, "Code from Structure of multilocus genetic diversity in predominantly selfing populations",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
We provide here scripts allowing forward simulations of temporal samples in several demographic scenarios using SLiM 2.6, and converting the output into microsatellite data following the stepwise mutation model. The demographic scenarios simulated are: - isolated population of co...
application/x-sh - 6.6 KB - MD5: 1cab88467f5633cc1281067743784375
Admixture scenario
application/x-sh - 5.1 KB - MD5: 5b2ce0b7aaad2fd5c7b8bf0032d30407
Bottleneck scenario
type/x-r-syntax - 16.2 KB - MD5: 07c83b34544e868cc490cc307905b3d2
R script to compute single and multilocus diversity indices on temporal genetic data
application/x-sh - 3.7 KB - MD5: c5cc14756678e724bdb41c71976f7dfc
Isolated population scenario
application/x-sh - 4.3 KB - MD5: 9a45791576b28d70d5987bc286c7d603
Migration (island model) scenario
type/x-r-syntax - 6.2 KB - MD5: 99f39d7fb1673d64decfdaae84f138c7
R script to compute and plot the MLG frequency spectrum
type/x-r-syntax - 6.2 KB - MD5: 2b516ac9fba8d4fce1bc3fda9e10d790
R script to compute the percentage of loci under significant linkage disequilibrium
type/x-r-syntax - 2.1 KB - MD5: 3acd5cf4244c8590cd8663c3a21180fe
text/plain - 3.1 KB - MD5: a8c7ccabf45552975659913bb9815d96
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