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application/octet-stream - 325.5 MB - MD5: a103a8f49feae12a79039f497cf3a329
Control, before adding sample – Apical compartment
application/octet-stream - 206.8 MB - MD5: 2682dc66898f49d1077ff06d028dc78b
Whey hydrolysate undigested (~2.4 mg/mL) – Apical compartment - 10min
application/octet-stream - 209.2 MB - MD5: 6214a424bd88045e04092b843e861685
Whey hydrolysate undigested (~1.7 mg/mL) – Apical compartment - 120min
application/octet-stream - 210.9 MB - MD5: a0a90f8a9dbc890854e70444047979ad
Whey hydrolysate undigested (~2 mg/mL) – Apical compartment - 60min
application/octet-stream - 256.6 MB - MD5: c467a6d330be9e9e7cd74e99a3522b86
Fraction 3 - replicate A - SDS Band 1 - YEL Medium
application/octet-stream - 261.9 MB - MD5: 73dbcc652a9bc76ca01b895431dc0824
Fraction 3 - replicate A - SDS Band 2 - YEL Medium
text/tab-separated-values - 52.2 KB - MD5: d3609564ba581c84d69660188c80b49a
Phenotypic dataset from a greenhouse experiment of the CO3 population. Flowering time and seed production are reported for each plant.
application/vnd.americandynamics.acc - 37.7 KB - MD5: 05584d795f41f6e26c142c6e87d3a9ed
Proteins with SP, noTM and a MERCI effector motif
text/tab-separated-values - 197.2 KB - MD5: 648b8aade271b14125975b9f78709bd2
Summary of HGT candidates and functional annotation. Sheet1: Possible HGT (AI>0). Sheet2: Likely HGT (AI>14). For these, AI and HGT scores are given as well as representative Interpro domain, orthogroup and whether this is a previously reported HGT case. Sheet3: Known HGT in root...
text/csv - 11.0 KB - MD5: 3634b8b7648022dfb721f1fa69de84e2
The file contains raw data used in the paper "Host-mediated, cross-generational intraspecific competition in a multivoltine herbivore species". `x` and `y` are the position of each box tree in the green house; `Treatment` is the prior herbivory treatment; `Clutch.number` is the t...
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