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Tab-Delimited - 2.8 KB - MD5: 0fa0e00f94b644a4b0e1a8ef3ae3698b
A set of 11 sorghums and 24 miscanthus samples, listed in Appendix 3, was selected to validate transfer models and estimate the quality of these transfers. A : available NA : non available
Apr 6, 2020 - Metametha dataset
Tab-Delimited - 73.5 KB - MD5: 80e22233de7fb3062b5ce26f95d51d76
This tab contains soil nitrogen leached (NO3) measured into the drains. Water withdrawer and flow meter were installed on drain in each plot. Water samples were taken every 8 hours and flowmeter give a data every 15 minutes. Nitrogen water contents (NO3, NO2 and NH4) and carbon c...
Tab-Delimited - 1.3 KB - MD5: 72e09fbcd40df64470ebc83fedb39756
input file for payment grid
Tab-Delimited - 88.7 KB - MD5: 6eddc34c0d9b2a6bae21a0d5089d2932
This file contains the raw phenotypic data per experiment in each field experiment (respectively 2015 and 2016, in Saint Martin de Hynx INRA experimental station, 43°N, 553 1.3°W, France): one value per individual plot, and outliers have been removed. It contains six columns of i...
Tab-Delimited - 144.8 KB - MD5: e87b56947f0aa895b7dc2dfaa0266c5e
This file contains the raw phenotypes data per experiment (year) in the platform: one value per individual plant. It contains seven columns for identifying the experiment, the genotypes and metadata: in «Experiment», experiments are described by the platform name (Phenoarch) foll...
Dec 20, 2019 - Metametha dataset
Tab-Delimited - 4.5 KB - MD5: 48ce4697c42ac1c9bc542226d873f9f2
This tab contains analysis results of organic residual material applied for fertilization (cattle manure, cattle slurry, liquid and solid treated digestates and raw digestate). Products were analyzed by AUREA laboratory (Orléans, FRANCE). Data includes information about nitrogen...
Dec 20, 2019 - Metametha dataset
Tab-Delimited - 5.9 KB - MD5: 67c483e14feaa6bddfb78a9ea9a9abad
This table contains all geographical data of the experimentation at study site. Coordinates are given in EPSG:2154 geodesic system according to the French projection: RGF93 / Lambert-93 and in EPSG:4326 Geodetic coordinate system for World. The coordinates are defined using a DGP...
Dec 20, 2019 - Metametha dataset
Tab-Delimited - 34.6 KB - MD5: 0c69115c9abf797bc12161e2f4f2201f
Tab contains measurements of N2O fluxes with static chamber method and additional measurements in topsoil: temperature, moisture and nitrogen content. N2O emissions are measured about 12 times a year. Plots are supplied of 5 measuring chambers; chambers positions are given in “me...
Dec 20, 2019 - Metametha dataset
Tab-Delimited - 788 B - MD5: 219a20328e103e480645b6b972cd6078
Tab contains data of ammonia volatilization, measured during one week after fertilizer application. The NH3 air concentration was measured by means of 3 ALPHA Samplers. ALPHA samplers were placed at the center of each field at the same height above the crop. A sonic anemometer wa...
Dec 20, 2019 - Metametha dataset
Tab-Delimited - 9.9 KB - MD5: a4a7118c07ba05e7ba3f619d22efced0
Tab contains soil nitrogen balance at 3 stages: S1 : before winter, S2 : after winter and S3 : harvest at 100cm depth. Three soil samples per plots were taken with an auger to a depth of 100 cm. Subsamples (0-20cm, 20-40cm, 40-70cm and 70-100cm depth) were analyzed by CA45 labora...
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