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text/plain - 5.8 MB - MD5: 7e9b456d13eb594c2a2edf3e9940a5f2
Genetic variants detected in popMtp3336 (71720 dataset)
text/plain - 4.9 MB - MD5: 2231c3f995a41f6440ce93e5b2f2c2a1
Genetic variants detected in popMtp3337 (71720 dataset)
text/plain - 1.8 MB - MD5: d621034d88c8de56a1ccc6731b238e2c
Genetic variants detected in popMtp3338 (71720 dataset)
text/plain - 4.8 MB - MD5: 47f0eff6429661666ac0b0c717abd17a
Genetic variants detected in popMtp3339 (71720 dataset)
text/plain - 3.5 MB - MD5: 46eb9a437f8f9273ea521fd12a0c6221
Genetic variants detected in popMtp3340 (71720 dataset)
text/plain - 2.1 KB - MD5: 8089debfee1fa7b26db00a88893ccf5e
script to apply LPmerge (by Endelman and Plomion, 2014) in a set of grapevine genetic maps
text/plain - 5.7 KB - MD5: e340e94670c1cf4afed9c34ecf2de331
script for map curation in the popMtp3331 grapevine population using R/qtl 1.42-8
text/plain - 74.7 KB - MD5: 5fe395c0c14d8a1bb1a90b3bb419d00b
script forgenetic mapping in the popMtp3331 grapevine population using Carthagene
application/pdf - 289.1 KB - MD5: 4a346b3ecfb012f92fddfa5d935063b5
Description du jeu de données
text/tab-separated-values - 8.0 KB - MD5: ad6510825157a7c4d90a5c912f15cc11
Environnement des arbres
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