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Mar 22, 2018 - atweb Dataverse
Motedayen, Ali Akbar; Rezaeigolestani, Mohammadreza; Guillaume, Carole; Guillard, Valerie; Gontard, Nathalie, 2018, "O2 and CO2 permeability of self-assembled stratified polyethylene-organoclay films for food packaging applications - CO2 permeability of PE-clay nanocomposite in food packaging",, Portail Data INRAE, V5
value unavailable
Mar 23, 2018 - Omics Dataverse
Legras, Jean-Luc; Galeote, Virginie; Bigey, Frédéric; Camarasa, Carole; Marsit, Souhir; Nidelet, Thibault; Sanchez, Isabelle; Couloux, Arnaud; Guy, Julie; Franco-Duarte, Ricardo; Marcet-Houben, Marina; Gabaldon, Toni; Schuller, Dorit; Sampaio, José Paulo; Dequin, Sylvie, 2018, "Adaptation of S. cerevisiae to fermented food environments reveals remarkable genome plasticity and the footprints of domestication.",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
Different Variant data set combining genotypic data data from the newly sequenced strains and data from available genomes sequences obtained at SGD. Data at vcf format or at hapmap format (.ped files).
text/vcard - 10.0 MB - MD5: b86918f37b41ef8ff399628934a86d37
Genotypes files used for SVD, and D used for wine strains. No ancestral allele
text/vcard - 539.7 MB - MD5: 1ba27b3e16d763018bc43994458dea4e
Phased genotypes including genotypes of newly sequenced strains (GATK genotyping) + genotypic data obtained from assemblies + additionnal genotypes of Mediterranean oak strains from Almeida et al. 2015
application/octet-stream - 3.6 MB - MD5: db4380d829ce34ad033d4c676b96b134
Marker file at hapmap format, used for hapFLK analysis (Wine, Cheese Rum, Mediterrannean oak populations)
application/octet-stream - 41.8 MB - MD5: 4eca8f36ed1bc16a51329385ab4d87e1
Genotypes file at hapmap format, used for hapFLK analysis (Wine, Cheese, Rum, and Mediterrannean oak populations)
application/octet-stream - 3.7 MB - MD5: a707bf44b784a115378c72991783549a
Marker file at hapmap format, used for hapFLK analysis (Wine, Rum, Mediterrannean oak, North American oak populations)
application/octet-stream - 42.2 MB - MD5: e769bf94c79e62d64edaf320d60af066
Genotypes file at hapmap format, used for hapFLK analysis (Wine, Rum, Mediterrannean oak and north American populations)
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