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text/plain - 13.6 KB - MD5: fe721c3a852f9a80e8603c471e6f158c
List of the 259 progeny individuals with 20K data used for the apple REFPOP. Column "Index" indicates the name of the individual used in the file "apple_REFPOP_progeny_marker_data.txt". Column "Genotype_code" indicates the code for the individual listed in Supplementary Table S1...
text/plain - 7.7 MB - MD5: c7c4efc6b6841086e405273714983ff2
Genotypic data for 10295 SNP loci on 259 apple progeny genotypes obtained with the Illumina Infinium 20K SNP array. Names of individuals are in column "Index". The names of their parents are in columns "P1" and "P2". More information about individuals is given in the file "apple_...
text/plain - 680.2 KB - MD5: cf2c8863f52fef5c0e8e8118f88b0b45
List of the 10295 SNP loci genotyped with the Illumina Infinium 20K array on the apple REFPOP progeny. The column "Index_20K" indicates the SNP index number on the 20K array that is used as column name in the file apple_REFPOP_progeny_marker_data.txt. The column "Original_Locus_N...
text/plain - 27.4 MB - MD5: 5d16fad1d04cb5fc7237772639b8b201
Data S1. Homoeologous gene data
text/tab-separated-values - 692.0 KB - MD5: f72de2a63da1245c946ad72544116106
data of root axis
application/octet-stream - 120.4 MB - MD5: 1fa210e1bb53eb544a270b1e7f23401d
text/plain - 1.3 KB - MD5: 8eaf8a656115398d33cae52cc1285440
metadata 182w6 datset
type/x-r-syntax - 16.5 KB - MD5: 6becf5d337edd77ac1145938ef36925e
R workflow to analyze gene expression data
text/tab-separated-values - 18.9 KB - MD5: f01161c76a0a12859b84c76e0cd1b377
gene expression data
text/tab-separated-values - 131.4 KB - MD5: c64cc1c805e49c94c60bec840d49b3e7
biometric and sex data on European sea bass juveniles submitted to 16 different temperature regimes.
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