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text/tab-separated-values - 62 B - MD5: 692f849e3e1688c980cc263683985048
RSSI measurements on B3-EM001-SC4 RAIN transponder and associated environmental data
text/plain - 77.1 KB - MD5: 9a6747ea3a6b82c5e4cce3362219112b
Humidity and temperature logger data
application/matlab-mat - 33.8 KB - MD5: e5c99aa0ce81f6e14608850746b7aea7
Oxymeter data
text/plain - 455.3 KB - MD5: 977372e48ebd9c659768b67c3acf339b
Humidity and temperature logger data
application/matlab-mat - 223.1 KB - MD5: 27ac099e67e7290662219fbfce4cff3d
Oxymeter data
application/x-rar-compressed - 101.5 KB - MD5: 8906f59052292f146f0b569dc70d8900
text/tab-separated-values - 1.1 MB - MD5: 1ccad0f1ce8247c36e15013a2bd7074c
Management practices dataset related to soil data from RMQS French national soil monitoring network
text/tab-separated-values - 14.4 MB - MD5: 48f5f25a0b2769ecf7ed54f0cba79b01
Soil dataset related to management data from RMQS French national soil monitoring network
text/plain - 13.6 KB - MD5: fe721c3a852f9a80e8603c471e6f158c
List of the 259 progeny individuals with 20K data used for the apple REFPOP. Column "Index" indicates the name of the individual used in the file "apple_REFPOP_progeny_marker_data.txt". Column "Genotype_code" indicates the code for the individual listed in Supplementary Table S1...
text/plain - 7.7 MB - MD5: c7c4efc6b6841086e405273714983ff2
Genotypic data for 10295 SNP loci on 259 apple progeny genotypes obtained with the Illumina Infinium 20K SNP array. Names of individuals are in column "Index". The names of their parents are in columns "P1" and "P2". More information about individuals is given in the file "apple_...
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