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text/tab-separated-values - 4.2 KB - MD5: 372a619d4b8437a0edd819cf818c7f45
This dataset corresponds to the SSR (microsatellite) genotypes of a large set of Prunus brigantina and Prunus cerasifera accessions, those accessions were genotyped with a set of 24 common SSR markers, previously used in Armeniaca species (Liu et al, 2019.
application/octet-stream - 256.6 MB - MD5: c467a6d330be9e9e7cd74e99a3522b86
Fraction 3 - replicate A - SDS Band 1 - YEL Medium
application/octet-stream - 261.9 MB - MD5: 73dbcc652a9bc76ca01b895431dc0824
Fraction 3 - replicate A - SDS Band 2 - YEL Medium
text/plain - 48.4 KB - MD5: 8952069dc146d25abf057837a4ac39e2
Measurements and numeric data coming from 177 seedlings of Pinus pinaster (60 variables measured)
application/zip - 2.4 GB - MD5: 2ca307a07baa3c9adc89736d8a14861f
Raw data of MRSI and CEST MRI experiments on the different tomatoes
text/plain - 16.1 KB - MD5: f1f0cd597c2a53ab8fcd0feb9c2731d0
Matlab code for solving the model using non-standard finite-difference scheme and drawing the main figures 2 and 4
text/tab-separated-values - 776.0 KB - MD5: 3fb9a27cbfa6a343d7c6ede22ca21ff9
application/pdf - 387.3 KB - MD5: e70e3efc92ff7f29fc7cb6395a1db1d6
Method and device used to measure the diameter.
type/x-r-syntax - 13.0 KB - MD5: 3a127282661f1db4416fec195e78363f
R code for a dynamic game theory model, simulating optimal choosiness in a game with two sexes, known number of time steps and known quality distribution.
application/x-tar - 10.7 MB - MD5: 603e86b009aae67dbb079bbc6d6f34de
The R code and files to produce an interactive figures under Shiny App, in order to visualize optimal choosiness under various scenarios. The files are all compressed in a single .tar object.
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