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application/gzip - 5.1 MB - MD5: e3b8296e959bb67068878319f84f0523
Gene annotation of the Plasmopara viticola genome. Includes annotation in gff3 format, a fasta file with protein sequences, and training files for augustus.
Nov 6, 2018 - Baicalin project
text/tab-separated-values - 3.4 KB - MD5: 77238b90d783e302c403802cca52ce05
Gzip Archive - 4.3 MB - MD5: 27b2d2974819f4923daba33af3046ea2
Gene annotation of the Plasmopara muralis genome. Includes annotation in gff3 format, a fasta file with protein sequences, and training files for augustus.
text/tab-separated-values - 6.2 KB - MD5: f33799d993a80a624c5b5a2b3ff47515
xls sheet with all data and flux calculations
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet - 56.4 KB - MD5: dbe485e433ad9e165bf46e5b82b9aeb3
Excel workbook containing the raw data from Figs. 1B, 1C, 2B, 2D, 3A, 3B, 3E, 3G, 4B, 4D, S1C, S1D, S1F, S1G, S3A-G, S4A-C associated to the publication Trouillet et al. 2019.
Tab-Delimited - 33.6 KB - MD5: 4dc78305ffe4c69cac37f51f2e3ddd8a
Biomasse of phytoplankton community, and 5 phytoplankton assemblages described in Anneville and al., 2018. Daphnia abundance, Phosphore concentration (0-20m), Solar radiation and water temperature (0-20m)
text/tab-separated-values - 58.9 KB - MD5: a23199c693f597ebb297d95d53895172
animal and feed data and interpolation model
Adobe PDF - 1.0 MB - MD5: 1a11142041623c0364c90acae645ae78
This file contains the outline of the files organization and content. It describes the different measurement scales available: Weather and soil water data at daily time step (1). Phenotypic data at the plot level in each experiment (2a) and at the genotypic level in each experime...
Tab-Delimited - 1.2 MB - MD5: e1717f537c129eaf1b34ecd7ae468799
This file contains the genotypic means (Best Linear Unbiased Estimation, BLUEs), with one value per experiment (Location × year × water regime) per genotype. It contains 6 columns of identification of experiments and genotypes: «Experiment»: experiments ID described by the three...
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