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Genotyping, GWAS and genomic selection data Données génotypage, GWAS et sélection génomique
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text/tab-separated-values - 53.9 KB - MD5: 3e62a05f2b8a775f13a2a7a7198eb02b
This table (354 rows x 10 columns) describes the 354 accessions genotyped by three technologies in genotyping matrix. 10 columns indicates variety name (Variety_ID), accession name (Accession_ID), breeder that obtained inbred lines (Breeder), institution that provided initial see...
text/tsv - 683.5 MB - MD5: adc4fcb77ad9e62231a3fe1d07e116f4
Training set with fluorescence intensity ratios (FIR) for 327 inbred lines on 32,788 prefixed PZE SNPs from 50K maize Illumina Array, used to test allele fixation in DNA bulks of landraces. Table display 5 columns: "ID.Genotypage", "SNP.Name",""Cas"","Attendu","RatioObs" These 5...
text/tab-separated-values - 54.9 MB - MD5: 94b810f814c543253133445d3ca13f8e
This table (978,134 rows x 8 columns) describes the 973,134 loci genotyped by one of three technologies on 354 accessions. Columns indicates the name of SNP (, position of each loci on chromosome (Chromosome) and along each chromosomes in base pairs (Position) according...
text/tab-separated-values - 1.3 MB - MD5: 3cfd55062ca797a3e6109a8270a42380
Training set of 1,000 SNPs and 24 controlled pools used to predict allelic frequencies for polymorphic SNPs using a common logistic regression after testing for fixation of alleles. Table have 4 columns with the following headers: "SNP.Name","Sample.ID","RatioObs","Attendu". Thes...
text/tab-separated-values - 40.3 MB - MD5: 4bc959b9571abdab7b789e0291fb3402
Fluorescence Intensity Ratios for 32,788 SNPs on 20 samples corresponding to 10 duplicated landraces. This table has 5 columns with headers as follows: "SNP.Name","","X","Y", "RatioObs". These columns correspond to name of SNP, name of sample, fluorescence in...
text/tsv - 671.9 MB - MD5: db08c38de1cff98c135ef3408e10dd79
Genotyping matrix with inbred lines in row and markers in columns (354 rows x 978,135 columns). The first columns indicates the variety name. The header of genotyping matrix indicates names of markers. Genotyping data matrix were coded in allelic dose (0,1,2) and all markers is...
text/x-r-source - 32.8 KB - MD5: 60ae0e0796cfd3f031c5f13ec84a2356
Functions to predict allelic frequencies using a two-step approache and to visualize prediction: Test of allele fixation, then logistic regression for polymorphic SNPs.
text/x-r-source - 6.0 KB - MD5: 90e666cd6d8619a15288e93046d9b58b
- R scripts (Pipeline) that apply R functions (04_Function_PredAllFreqInDNABulk_Publi.R) to two training datasets corresponding to fluorescence intensity data of 327 lines (1_Train_set_327lines_32788SNP.tsv ) and two series of controlled pools (
Feb 7, 2020 - FlintDent GWAS dataset
text/csv - 898.4 MB - MD5: 12ff7a95cb6b6ef2a14a7d33e82e4e56
Matrix (970 lines x 482078 SNPs) indicating the ancestry of each allele (0: flint genetic group, 1: dent genetic group)
Feb 7, 2020 - FlintDent GWAS dataset
text/csv - 19.5 KB - MD5: 4c4f4f3dcc5c2ac1e8004e31ac4d817f
Data.frame (970 lines x 1 genetic background) indicating the genetic background of the line (Dent, Flint or Admixed)
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