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Jul 12, 2021
Kurtz, Amélie; Thomopoulos, Rallou, 2021, "Consumer perceptions of infant food safety in France",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
Online survey among a panel of 1,750 French citizens on perceptions of food safety in infant foods, in relation with wider concerns. The survey is composed of 49 individual questions, all closed-ended, belonging to the following categories: - Status of the respondent: does she/he...
Jun 16, 2021
Derrouch, Damien; Chauvel, Bruno; Dessaint, Fabrice, 2021, "Le semis direct sous couvert : pratiques culturales et problèmes malherbologiques. Enquête nationale auprès des agriculteurs.",, Portail Data INRAE, V1, UNF:6:dquFWfXb4ZrywSPkk4u6zA== [fileUNF]
The data presented in this document represent the responses to an online questionnaire broadcast in France between November 2018 and March 2019. The questionnaire was aimed at farmers in the French territory who were using direct seeding under cover (SDSC) or who had experience w...
Jun 8, 2021 - Vocabulaires Ouverts
Buche, Patrice; Aubin, Sophie; Beaugrand, Johnny; Berteloot, Marie; Boutrou, Rachel; Gontard, Nathalie; Guillard, Valérie, 2021, "Circular economy for plastics: amending the definitions of ‘bioplastic’, ‘biodegradable’, ‘recyclable’ and ‘bio-based plastics’",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
This work address the divergences in specific plastics-related terms that are widely employed but have subtly different or only vaguely defined meanings for different scientific communities and sectors of activity. Some terms are defined at the highest institutional level but are...
Apr 21, 2021
Peiffer, Marianne, 2021, "Traduction française de la table des matières de Apidologie, 2021, Vol 52, n° 1",, Portail Data INRAE, V2
Traduction française de la table des matières de Apidologie, 2021, Vol 52, n° 1, 5 p. Version anglaise (consulté le 21 avril 2021). French translation of the table of content of Apidologie, 2021, Vol 52, Issue 1, 5 p...
Mar 19, 2021 - Vocabulaires Ouverts
DipSO, 2021, "Thésaurus INRAE",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
Thésaurus ouvert et partagé couvrant les domaines de recherche d’INRAE. Il sert de référentiel au sein de l’institut pour indexer et annoter des documents, pages web, descriptions d’activités, jeux de données, à des fins de recherche ou d’analyse de l’information. En savoir plus...
Feb 10, 2021 - atweb Dataverse
Buche, Patrice, 2021, "Milk microfiltration operation experimental data annotated from the scientific litterature including controlled parameters",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
This dataset comprises 934 milk microfiltration operation experimental data annotated from the scientific litterature including controlled parameters (Volume Reduction factor, VRF, Transmembrane Pressure, TMP, Permeation flux, Jp, …). It has been used to learn a Bayesian Network...
Feb 1, 2021 - Vocabulaires Ouverts
Duchêne, Eric, 2021, "Vitis Organ ontology",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
The file lists the terms that are recommended to be used to describe the different parts of a grapevine plant. It also contains cross references with other plant ontology databases. This thesaurus was established in the framework of the European COST 858 "Integrape" action. The m...
Jan 28, 2021
Jan 28, 2021 - Portail Data INRAE
Magrini, Marie-Benoit; Lascialfari, Matteo; Cabanac, Guillaume, 2021, "Worldwide Food Science and Technology on pulses and soya : a bibliometric dataset (1956-2017)",, Portail Data INRAE, V1, UNF:6:R1omPm5tD/wVcjQMzjlz1g== [fileUNF]
A bibliometric corpus of 39,036 records (UT codes) retrieved and cleaned from the Web of Knowledge (WoS), dealing with main topics of the Food Science and Technology field, on pulses (18 species and varieties of pulses cultivated in temperate climates considered) and soya. The co...
Jan 28, 2021
Magrini, Marie-Benoit; Cholez, Célia, 2021, "Survey on Technical knowledge and Use of production contracts in legume value-chains",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
The main objective of this survey is to examine the role of contractual arrangements between the value chain stakeholders on the development of technical knowledge on grain-legume crops. Developing grain-legumes both in cropping systems and in end-uses suffer from a knowledge gap...
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