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GnpIS Dataverse(
Jan 18, 2018
Genetic and genomic information system
Mar 22, 2019 - Woody Plant Ontology
application/octet-stream - 1.5 MB - MD5: 895c6eb72c21c7dc5579d5ce05151ce3
application/pdf - 1.0 MB - MD5: 1a11142041623c0364c90acae645ae78
This file contains the outline of the files organization and content. It describes the different measurement scales available: Weather and soil water data at daily time step (1). Phenotypic data at the plot level in each experiment (2a) and at the genotypic level in each experime...
text/tab-separated-values - 1.2 MB - MD5: e1717f537c129eaf1b34ecd7ae468799
This file contains the genotypic means (Best Linear Unbiased Estimation, BLUEs), with one value per experiment (Location × year × water regime) per genotype. It contains 6 columns of identification of experiments and genotypes: «Experiment»: experiments ID described by the three...
text/tab-separated-values - 1.1 MB - MD5: c16e96530b78b52914132ac45e93c570
This file contains the environmental indices. An environmental index is calculated as the average or the sum of one environmental variable over a genotype-specific phenological phase. The environmental variables used to calculate these indices can be found in the file «1-Env_vari...
text/tab-separated-values - 29.2 KB - MD5: 28ad3b9124807803977221e4254ea733
This file contains the genotypic variables used for grain yield dissection and prediction. It contains 13 columns: «parent1», «Code_ID», «Variety_ID», «Accession_ID»: four genotype ID described in file «8-Info_Maize_variety». «»: is the affiliation to one of the f...
text/tab-separated-values - 16.4 KB - MD5: c53f45551d1377fdcc227c083e15f293
This file contains the number of leaves scored at several dates at the plant level (10 plants per plot) for the reference genotype only (B73_H). Values are provided averaged per plot. It contains 8 columns: «Site», «year», «Experiment»: experiments ID with location («Site») and...
text/tab-separated-values - 19.6 MB - MD5: bd39777b1e0188ba276fac46bbd81652
This file contains the 50K genotyping Matrix tabulated coded in allelic dose (012) filtered and imputed. Genotyping of 41,722 loci on 246 parental lines were obtained using 50K Illumina Infinium HD arrays (Ganal et al., 2011). Genotype were coded in allelic dose with 0 for the mi...
text/tab-separated-values - 1.4 MB - MD5: 860b6b851c44d2288f5db910019c09c6
This file contains the description of the 41,722 loci («SNP.names») genotyped by 50K Illumina Infinium Array on the 246 lines: position on B73 reference genome V2 («Chromosome», «Position»), original allele A, T, G, C («allele1», «allele2»).
text/tab-separated-values - 25.4 KB - MD5: 53f11fce03c7eeb6860020128b6a431d
This file contains the description of the genotypes. Briefly, all studied hybrids result from a F1 cross between the donor dent lines (parent 1) and one flint tester (parent 2, UH007 from University of Hohenheim). (Negro et al. 2018, The file cont...
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